What is the Office for Presencing Architecture about?

The Office for Presencing Architecture is centred on evolving how we prepare environments. What would the ubiquitous presence of architecture mean for our lives and for our responsibility to the world and the welfare of life on earth?

The Office for Presencing Architecture combines

         stewardship of the world and how to integrate that in our responsibility,

        architecture’s original ground, and its sibling twin – spirituality,

         architecture as practice and as profession.

At this time 6d areas are foreseen. These get Introductory treatment and Deep(er) Dives. Those are Presenencing, Technology, Building, Spirituality, Traditional Knowledge and the Profession. This Office is a project toward developing communication and a community around making environments. You should subscribe if you are interested in developing community around this body of issues.

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Share our experience. We do not know exactly what this Office will become, but it is clear what we can do now. The Office for Presencing Architecture is looking to expand and take up projects with like minded individuals as places in the world.

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OPA writes about creating an environment that supports human aspiration to our highest potential. That = responsibility for stewardship of the world. This means to presence architecture. Environments that we choose to make add up to the environment.


Graduate of a few institutions, topped with a Doctor of Applied Science in Architecture from the Akademie der bildende Kunst Wien, after veering off to figure things out for a while. Registered to practice architecture in New York State and India.